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Rental Intervention Management - Explained

In the business world vehicle rental is a business critical service as it is usually required when something unplanned needs to be done quickly or there is an urgent request for somebody to be somewhere else and there's no alternative other than to hire a vehicle.

Without a structured facility in place - the urgent nature of such a request can cost considerably more than the amount you will have seen when you looked for a facility and supply source on line. The excessive cost comes through hidden ancillary charges that only come to light when you receive your invoice.

Vehicle Rental has rapidly become the service of choice for progressive businesses who see the benefit and flexibility associated with hiring/renting vehicles as and when they require them and sending them back without having to consider expensive termination costs as would be the case with a leased vehicle.

Rental Intervention Management is the proactive management service that ensures your use of a structured vehicle rental facility is delivered to your business in the form and shape you require it - without any risk of additional fees and cost - guaranteed.

What Rental Intervention Management does for Your Business

It is not unusual for the media to publish tales of woe associated with the use of vehicle rental services – unexpected and spurious charges added after the vehicle is returned for non-existent damage – most of which is true.

This practice is not just something the unsuspecting holiday-maker has to be on their guard for - In the business world this is an ever present challenge and with many 100’s of transactions to validate – this is both a time consuming and costly process. So much so that many businesses pay without question.

Goodwood ensures your use of vehicle rental is driven by robust SLA and KPI processes to make sure you do not pay anything more than you have contracted for. In short – you can be secure in the knowledge that Rental Intervention Management reduces the cost of your vehicle rental usage.

It is not unusual for businesses to save up to 25% of their previous rental expenditure using the Goodwood Intervention Management model.


Where Rental Intervention Management works for Your Business

Because Rental Intervention Management is a business critical service it is provided with the same gusto in all global markets - domestically - in Europe - North America - Australasia - South Africa and The Middle East.

The management and control of your rental usage is provided for you from one central point - ensuring there’s no ‘buck-passing’ or misunderstanding. Clarity and transparency are the vital components of the Goodwood proposition.

To support our GUARANTEE of error free billing – all charges are validated through the same central point (UK based).

What Your Business gets from Rental Intervention Management

A streamlined and professional vehicle rental management service that:

  • Makes savings of 25% - from Day 1 (Guaranteed)
  • Adds greater flexibility to your fleet allocation policy
  • Keeps your people mobile - everywhere you operate
  • Provides accurate billing (Guaranteed)
  • Enhances your fleet management credibility - transparency
  • Provides vehicle rental from 1 hour to 4 years
  • Provides your own operating Dashboard giving you full control
  • Puts you in the hands of genuinely nice people who know your business



The Big-Data Conundrum

Big-Data is a much used/abused term that has entered the business vocabulary - which in some areas has a relevance. In Rental Intervention Management its meaning and intention is not always understood.

At Goodwood we take the view that the Big-Data we provide you with should be accompanied with a ‘wealth-warning’ - meaning that unless you are going to ‘Act-On’ the unshakeable facts and recommendations we are providing to you - your company's wealth/profits could be adversely affected.

Our Guarantee to your business that we will save you considerable time and money depends on you sometimes having to take action(s) that you know to be right but would rather not take them for a multitude of reasons………. that's where Goodwood demonstrates the value and trust of a rock solid relationship.

With your approval we will implement strategic changes that will be logically explained and sensitively introduced.