Your Business Decisions

No one likes living in reaction mode, feeling that another problem is looming just around the corner. But sometimes it seems there's always something wrong with your vehicles, and never enough time or resources to sort out all the variables.

Do you wish someone would come in and actually listen instead of reciting their scripted sales pitch.

We get it. Our experienced team want to understand and address your unique problems. After listening, we'll move quickly to develop customised solutions and keep you mobile and legal.

We want to put your mind at ease so you can focus on growing your business. That's why we're committed to becoming a trusted adviser along the journey. We promise to be there every step of the way with expert advice and support.

Because at Goodwood, you're more than an account number - you matter, a lot.


Your Business Vehicles

You're not in the vehicle rental or fleet business, but your fleet keeps your business running.

We'll help you find the best vehicles for what you're doing and how you want to grow.

Having more options and greater flexibility will ensure you'll never have to worry about your finding a suitable vehicle at any time in any place ever again.

Your Business Preferences

Between the time you decide on the choice of a vehicle rental provider and method based on competing and confusing tariffs – there’s a fair chance you will base your decision on what appears to be the least expensive option – only to find that reality and expectation are distant ‘cousins’.

We'll help you discover and understand many hidden costs, while revealing potential savings and will go so far as to guarantee them.

From our structured rental proposition that lowers risk, to understanding the business critical ancillary costs, our team who know the industry inside and out and are excited to help you gain control of your rental cost platform.


Your Business Decisions

Does your company have a Fleet Manager who works full-time but still struggles to proactively manage all you your vehicle fleet rental related activity and expenditure?

That is totally normal.

There are thousands of moving pieces associated with your rental usage inside your business, from deciding on the right tariff structure to its fitness for purpose to driver behaviour to accurate cost allocation to fuel type and usage to BIK to mileage management and even legislation changes. Don't wait for things to start falling through the cracks.

Why not reach out to our highly experienced team who are waiting to take all those details off of your plate? Our outsourcing packages could be the perfect solution to maximize your fleet and your time.

Your Business Priorities

Your vehicle rental usage produces an overwhelming amount of data that holds valuable insights. Don't waste time fumbling with the newest technology or sorting through endless pages of analytics.

The Goodwood team will dig into the numbers and translate your data into actionable and accountable processes – together with guiding you through the challenge.

We'll find the wasted money burning through your profits, and provide recommendations to help your business grow.


Your Business Supported

Rental Intervention Management requires an extensive list of multi-disciplinary skills. Chances are you're great at a few, but could use some help with the others.

That's why we're here! We'll help you with everything from building your policy, to proactive cost avoidances, to reactive support when you need a vehicle(s) at the last minute and even help with mechanical questions and business complications.

No matter where your business takes you, we're always just a quick phone call away