Your Business

In today's frenetic business environment your ability to move quickly and cost effectively can be the difference between winning and and not. Every business should have it's trusted partnerships looking out for them to make sensible and timely business decisions to avoid unplanned events and unscheduled costs. Nowhere is that more relevant that in the area of Corporate Mobility (vehicle fleet operation) - put simply - how do you optimise the cost of getting your people and your products to their market place without having to devote all your waking hours to it?

Typically - you might operate on a long term lease cycle where the cost of exit can be very expensive and is far from flexible - at the time you most need it to be. You may now be considering the January 2019 changes from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) which requires every business to identify leased assets where the contract is for a period in excess of 12 months on their Balance Sheet and incur a liability for future rental payments. Does that work for you?

Trying to balance the number of vehicles your business needs and the time you need them for should be looked at in the light of Structured Rental - 'your vehicles when you need them - ours when you do not' a service concept that provides flexibility and cost effectiveness in equal measure. Vehicles (Cars and Vans) of any specification are available on lease periods up to 12 months (and longer if required) at competitive (with longer term leases) prices with flexible early termination being a core component.

Rental Intervention Management works 'hand-in-glove' with Structured Rental Management to provide a fleet management service in tune with the demands of every progressive business - freeing your time to concentrate on you core business issues.

At Goodwood we realise that every business has its very specific way of operating and it's the reason every agreement we design is built in such a way that it works for Your Business and is delivered by people with the experience and know-how to keep your work force mobile and your costs in check.

Because at Goodwood, you're more than an account number - you matter, a lot.